Understanding c6h6 sensor

Benzene Gas Sensor Solutions

Benzene is a colourless or light-yellow gas that evaporates quickly in the atmosphere. Its molecular formula is C6H6, being composed of 6 Carbon atoms and 6 Hydrogen atoms, thus making it a Hydrocarbon as well as a VOC. It has a sweet and aromatic scent, making it partially responsible for the scent around petrol stations. Due to its vapours being heavier than air, it can settle into low lying areas very quickly, so a large amount of this gas can build up unnoticed. Therefore, implementing a Benzene gas sensor is essential to prevent this build up and prevent the harm to personnel.

International Gas Detectors can provide a complete c6h6 sensor solution, perfectly suited to your industry’s needs, including:

Benzene electrochemical gas detection module
Portable C6H6 gas detector
MQ138 Benzene sensor
C₆H₆ gas sensor

Hazards of Benzene Gas

Benzene is a massively carcinogenic gas, increasing the risk of cancer and other related illnesses. For example, research has found benzene to increase the risk of bone marrow failure, acute leukemia and cardiovascular diseases after long term exposure. Short term exposure to high concentrations of benzene is known to cause headaches, tremors, tiredness and nausea, thus even short term exposure can cause dangerous health effects.

In 1948, the American petroleum institute stated that there is no safe exposure limit for benzene, and the only completely safe exposure level is 0. This demonstrates just how dangerous Benzene is to the health of personnel, and with a TWA of just 1ppm, it makes it evermore important to implement a Benzene gas sensor wherever this gas is being used.

Applications requiring a c6h6 sensor:

Benzene can appear in a wide range of industries due it being produces naturally and through human processes. For example, benzene gas appear in volcanic eruptions as well as through tobacco smoke. Thus, there are a wide range of areas that may need to implement a Benzene gas sensor.

Industrially, Benzene is most commonly found in crude oil and in petroleum fuels. Thus, it appears frequently across the Oil and Gas industry due to it being drilled, processed and refined, releasing this harmful gas. Benzene is also used in the manufacturing industry to help in creating drugs, adhesives, plastics, lubricants, rubbers, dyes, synthetic fibres (etc). Therefore, it can be found across a huge range of unexpected industries, making it even more essential to implement a Benzene gas sensor wherever it can possibly pop up.

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