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Our Story
Gas sensor is one of the more common types of sensors, the air environment changes violently, and is very easy to affect the human body, at the same time, the small change of gas composition is difficult to be detected by people.
Professional gas sensor based on the high sensitivity of the probe and efficient data analysis chip, closely monitored under test of certain or some kind of gas in the gas concentration changes, let users informed tiny, hard to detect changes in air quality. There is huge room for gas sensor development in agricultural production, industrial production and environmental management, urban management, equipment maintenance, and other fields.

We are a direct manufacturer of multi-parameter gas environment monitoring equipment and sensor equipment in various fields. We offer an industry-leading selection of multi-probe sensors. In addition to conventional gas measurement (e.g., CO2, O2, CH, etc.) with toxic or harmful gases such as CO, SO2, NO, benzene, formaldehyde, etc.) of the sensor devices, also produces for VOC monitoring, gas monitoring, comprehensive atmospheric environmental monitoring the different production and operation, such as the scene of the special equipment monitoring system, gas sensor, the accumulation of more than 400 kinds of product category, With a good price and stunning performance. 

Our business scope covers water, soil, air, environmental protection, industrial production and other fields. One of our core competitiveness is to integrate all kinds of products into a fully functional system, which can meet customer needs in one step. 
We will help governments, enterprises and individuals benefit from the Internet of Things, and build a more competitive, sustainable and highly digital social governance system as our mission. 

Designing the most accurate, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly iot solutions is a core step in achieving this mission. 
At the same time, the interaction and intelligence of the Internet of Things platform are constantly optimized to ensure that relevant services are always in a state that can meet the needs of various users, thus forming a huge Internet of Things ecosystem composed of a growing number of partners and distributors.