Portable 4 in 1 Gas Detector CO LEL O2 H2S Gas Analyzer


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Portable 4 in 1 Gas Sensor multi CO LEL O2 H2S Gas Analyzer

Our portable multi gas detector with a large LCD. It can monitor CO, H2S, O2 and combustible gas simultaneously. The instrument with audio/visual and vibratory indicators, rechargeable battery, and simple use. It is widely used in the area where explosion-proof is required or toxic gas leaks, like underground channels or mining industry, so as to protect the workers’ life and avoid damage on the relevant equipments.


 Parameter  Technical index
 Detection gas  Any combination of 1-4 gases
 Measurement method  Electrochemical/infrared/catalytic combustion/PID photoion/semiconductor/thermal conductivity
 Display error  ≤±3%F.S
 Response time  T90<30S
 Linearity  ≤±2
 Repeatability  ≤±2
 Rescovery time  ≤±30S
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Working humidity ≤95%RH non-condensing
Working power 3.6V DC.2000mAh(standard) lithium battery
Display method ≤2.2 inch LCD display
Communication method USB(Charging and communication)
Data storage ≤15,000pieces of data storage space as standard
Charging time ≤8H(standard)
Size 125*65*45mm
Weight 200g
Four in one gas detector probe parameters
Gas type Range Resolution Default alarm point
Flammable gas 0-100%LEL 0-1%LEL 20%LEL
H2S 0-100PPM 0.1PPM 10PPM
CO 0-1000PPM 0.1PPM 50PPM
O2 0-30%VOL 0.1%VOL 18.9%VOL


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