Gas Analyzer SO2 CO2 NOx microcomputer multi-gas detector


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Product Introduction:

Gas analyzer is a gas sensor independently developed by Jingxun Unimpeded using different detection principles for multi-gas detection. The gas detector adopts microcomputer analysis, which can detect the concentration of NOx, SO2, CO2, CO, O3 and O2. Gas analyzer is suitable for gas detection in thermal power plant, steel plant, non-ferrous metal smelter, aluminum smelter, cement plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, nitric acid plant, sulfuric acid plant, petrochemical, chemical fiber, industrial furnace, boiler, civil heating boiler and other occasions.

Product features:

1, using pulse light source

The light source adopts the pulse xenon lamp with strong load capacity and high pumping efficiency, which has good source stability, long service life and short preheating time.

2, standard gas automatic calibration function

When the gas detector is used, the gas is automatically calibrated, reducing the error, and the measurement result is more accurate.

3, a variety of optical path support customization

The shorter the optical path, the lower the accuracy; The longer the optical path, the higher the accuracy. Low precision 280mm optical path, high precision 24000mm optical path.

4, ultraviolet reflection aluminum lens and SIO2 protective film

Reduce uv light loss and increase lens corrosion resistance. The wavelength information received is more accurate and the measurement accuracy is improved.

5. Integrated CEMS system

The product is easy to disassemble and can be customized according to user needs. Monitoring items can be added or subtracted. Suitable for most CEMS system integrations on the market.

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