PID sensor-PID Photoionization Detectors-VOC sensor


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The PID photoionization probe& pid sensor realizes rapid detection of VOC gas, is waterproof, easy to clean, durable, multi-range selection, and accurate measurement. PID module is high sensitive and quick react. It can help you alarm the VOC at the first time and make sure your health


((1) Responsive
When entering VOC gas environment, the response speed is less than 3 seconds and the speed of returning to zero is very fast, It can help you detect VOC immediatly;
(2) Waterproof and breathable membrane
High protection, easy to clean, waterproof breathable membrane effectively protect from particles and water vapor; easy to clean and repair;
(3) Small size, light weight
Small size, easy to install, can be carried in portable, fixed pipe and other appearance sensors.


Pid sensor (PID optical ion probe) is widely used in VOC detection in factories, mining areas, chemical industry areas and other environments.

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