CO Gas Detector – Carbon monoxide Sensor


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Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon monoxide sensor is an industrial gas sensor used to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the air environment. It is mostly used in industries, buildings, mines and other places. CO sensor measurement range is 0-1000ppm, 0-100000ppm and other optional. The output mode of the CO sensor is 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS485, LORA, NB and so on.

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor

About – Carbon Monoxide Sensor

This industrial carbon monoxide sensor adopts an imported big brand electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor with high measurement accuracy. Carbon monoxide gas is relatively light and generally concentrated on the top. This co2 sensor is wall-mounted, and the installation height can be adjusted. The shell is made of high-strength waterproof and dustproof material, which can work normally in harsh environments. With our free cloud platform, unified monitoring of multiple locations can be realized.

Carbon monoxide Features

1. Beautiful appearance, small size and easy installation;

2. Fast response speed and high measurement accuracy;

3. Strong anti-interference ability;

4. Reasonable structural design and stable performance;

5. Full-scale calibration output, good consistency;

6. International standard internal wiring and external installation.

7. The CO sensor has a wide measurement range and high measurement accuracy, and the repeatability can reach within 2%.

8. On-site power supply adopts a 10~30V DC wide-voltage power supply, which can adapt to a variety of on-site DC power supplies.

9. Convenient installation, long service life, and can be used for 5 years in a normal environment.

Carbon monoxide parameters

CO sensor

CO sensor use

The IoT carbon monoxide sensor is suitable for underground parking lots, garages, workshops, closed living spaces, and other occasions where the concentration of carbon monoxide needs to be detected.


Carbon monoxide is a carbon-oxygen compound with a chemical formula of CO. It is usually a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. At the same time, it is toxic. Higher concentrations can cause people to have different levels of symptoms of poisoning, harm the human brain, heart, liver, kidney, lung, and other tissues, and even death by electric shock. The minimum lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000 ppm (5 minutes).

Coking, ironmaking, and other production processes in the metallurgical industry

Synthetic ammonia, methanol, and other production processes in the chemical industry

Mine blasting and coal mine gas explosion accidents

Exhaust emissions from vehicles and other vehicles

Incomplete combustion of fuel in the boiler

Gas or liquefied gas pipeline leaks from coal stoves in family rooms, natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, earthquakes, etc.

Carbon monoxide is an atmospheric pollutant. It is the most abundant and widely distributed in the atmosphere. It is the product of incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials such as coal and petroleum.

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