Hydrogen chloride electrochemical gas detection module – HCL gas sensor


Electrochemical HCL gas sensor Introduction

Electrochemical HCL gas sensor is a gas sensor that uses electrochemical detection principle to detect hydrogen chloride gas in the air. Electrochemical HCL gas sensor built-in temperature sensor, temperature compensation function, using three electronic structure design, accurate measurement results, product performance significantly improved. The electrochemical gas sensor has good selectivity and stability. It is a close combination of mature electrochemical detection technology and sophisticated circuit design. The hydrogen chloride sensor designed and manufactured is widely used in the production of various portable and stationary hydrogen chloride gas detection equipment and in various occasions and equipment requiring hydrogen chloride gas detection.

Electrochemical HCL gas sensor

Electrochemical HCL gas sensor Features

1. High sensitivity and resolution

Leading technology, the product enters the gas detection environment, the response speed is fast, after leaving, return to zero speed is also very fast.

2. High-performance chips

Breakthrough process, three electrode structure design product performance significantly improved.

3. Waterproof breathable membrane

High protection, easy to clean, waterproof breathable membrane effective protection from particles and water vapor; Easy to clean and repair.

4. Small size and light weight

Small size, easy to install, can be mounted on portable, fixed, pipe and other appearance sensors used.

Electrochemical HCL gas sensor Parameters

Detection gas: hydrogen chloride

Model number: JEC-HCI

Measuring range: 0-50ppm

Sensitivity: 0.30.1uA/ ppm

Resolution: 1ppm

Detection principle: electrochemistry

Temperature range: 0-50°C

Humidity range: 0~90%RH (non-condensing)

Pressure range: 1 soil 0.1 (standard atmospheric pressure)

Shell material: ABS

Weight: 5g

Hydrogen chloride electrochemical gas detection module

Installation instructions:

1. Please connect the electrode foot correctly, the wrong connection position will affect the normal work of the sensor; Sensors should avoid contact with organic solvents, paints, oils and high concentration gases; Do not use adhesive directly on or near the sensor to prevent breakage of the plastic casing.

2. Target gas is recommended for calibration. If cross-sensitive gas is used for calibration, the accuracy of calibration and measurement cannot be guaranteed.

3. Cross sensitivity can fluctuate by up to 30% and may vary with the production lot of the sensor and the life of the sensor.


What is hydrogen chloride gas?

Hydrogen chloride, chemical formula HCl, a hydrogen chloride molecule is composed of a chlorine atom and a hydrogen atom, is colorless and pungent odor of gas. Its aqueous solution commonly known as hydrochloric acid, scientific name hydrochloric acid. Hydrogen chloride is very soluble in water, at 0℃, 1 volume of water can dissolve about 500 volumes of hydrogen chloride. Hydrogen chloride is mainly used to produce dyes, spices, drugs, various chlorides and corrosion inhibitors.

What is a hydrogen chloride gas sensor?

Hydrogen chloride gas sensor is a kind of safety instrument used to detect the concentration of hydrogen chloride gas, also known as hydrochloric acid gas sensor, according to the electrochemical principle, using the measured gas in the sensor working electrode and the corresponding REDOX reaction on the electrode.

What does hydrogen chloride gas do?

1. It is understood that the role of hydrogen chloride gas is mainly for the production of dyes, spices, drugs, all kinds of chloride and corrosion inhibitors. In addition to these, there are several different production roles:

2. At 180℃ ~ 200℃ temperature and mercury salt (such as HgCl2) as catalyst conditions, hydrogen chloride and acetylene addition reaction, the formation of vinyl chloride, and then under the action of the initiator, polymerization into polyvinyl chloride.


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