O2 Gas Detector-Oxygen Sensor


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Oxygen Sensor Introduction:

Oxygen sensor is a kind of imported first-line brand electrochemical oxygen gas sensor sensor equipment, has the characteristics of fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability. With our unique compensation algorithm and multi-stage standard gas calibration, the instrument also has long life, high accuracy, high repeatability and high stability.

Model: JXBS-3001-O2


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Oxygen Senso

Oxygen Sensor Features:

1, the output signal is diverse, supporting RS485/ 4-20MA /0-5V/0-10V/ NB-iot /LoRa/WIFI/ Ethernet and other signal output, to meet the environmental requirements. Wireless transmission, cable-free, low power consumption, stable performance.

2, one machine multi-screen, can be matched with a variety of screens, in the data intuitive display, at a glance.

3, not afraid of harsh environment, IP65 high density material shell, built-in waterproof strip, moisture and dust. High temperature and high humidity environment, dust, rain and snow and other harsh environment can be used.

4, It can be equipped with cloud platform and fine news cloud. It can configure the configuration interface according to the situation on the spot, and check the data and alarm at any time

5, the field power supply uses 12~24V DC wide voltage power supply, can adapt to a variety of DC power supply.


Measurement range: 0-30% (default) /0-100% (G optional)

Measurement method: electrochemical gas sensor

Output mode: RS485/0-5V/ 0-10V / 4-20mA

Power consumption: ≤0.15W (@12V DC, 259C)

Pressure range: 0.9-1.1 ATM

Response time: ≤15 seconds

Operating temperature: -30-50°C (-20-40°C continuous)

Dimensions: 110*85*44mm3

Power supply: 12-24V DC

oxygen sensor use:

This oxygen sensor is suitable for warehouses, workshops, chemical plants, greenhouse farms, closed living places, and other occasions that require real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration.


What is oxygen?

Oxygen is a kind of elemental form of oxygen element, chemical formula O2, its chemical properties are relatively active, and most of the elements can react with oxygen. It is not very active at room temperature and does not interact easily with many substances. But at high temperature, it is very active, can directly combine with a variety of elements, which is related to the fact that oxygen atom is second only to fluorine in electronegativity.

What is an O2 sensor?

An O2 sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2 gas or liquid present in the analysis).
The most common application is to measure the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines in vehicles such as automobiles, in order to calculate and, if necessary, dynamically adjust the air-fuel ratio so that the catalytic converter can operate optimally, and also to determine whether the converter is operating properly. Divers also use similar equipment to measure the partial pressure of oxygen in breathing gases.

Scientists use oxygen sensors to measure respiration or oxygen production, and use another method. Oxygen sensors are used in oxygen analyzers and are widely used in medical applications such as anesthesia monitors, respirators and oxygen concentrators.

What are the common types of oxygen sensors?

Electrochemical oxygen sensor, fluorescent oxygen sensor, zirconia oxygen sensor.


Oxygen Sensor Introduction Manual

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