O3 Sensor-Ozone transmitter


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Product Introduction:

The O3 sensor is used to monitor the concentration of ozone gas in fixed places for a long time. Multiple devices can be installed in different locations and the data can be uploaded to the free cloud platform provided by our company to achieve remote unified monitoring. Our ozone sensors are simple in layout, easy to install, and inexpensive.


Delivery date: within 24 hours

O3 Sensor


1. The o3 sensor adopts a high-sensitivity gas detection probe imported from the United States and uses a high-performance signal acquisition circuit, which can accurately measure the PPM-level O3 concentration, with stable signal and high accuracy.

2. Provide RS485, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20ma multiple output signals.

3. The o3 sensor adopts a wall-mounted waterproof shell, which is easy to install and has a high degree of protection.

4. JXCT is a leading gas detection manufacturer. 7 years experience. Can design as your requirements.


Measurement range: 0-10ppm/0-20ppm/ 0-100ppm

Measurement method: electrochemical sensor

Output mode: RS485/0-5V/ 0-10V /4-20mA

Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600

Power consumption: ≤ 0.5W

Pressure range: 0.9-1.1 ATM

Response time: ≤15 seconds

Operating temperature: -30-50°C (-20-40°C continuous)

Dimensions: 110* 85* 44mm3

Power supply: 12-24V DC

o3 sensor application:

O3 is widely used in water disinfection, food processing, and purification, food storage and preservation, medical hygiene, and household disinfection and purification. In ozone application, a certain concentration of ozone is an important parameter to ensure disinfection effect, save energy and prevent pollution.

However, if the ozone concentration in the environment is too high, it will cause harm to the human body, so it is very necessary to effectively monitor the ozone concentration. This iot ozone sensor widely used in air quality detection, smart home, and other occasions where O3 detection is required.


Why do we need to detect ozone?

Ozone is a well-known gas. Ozone is often present in the atmosphere, helping to filter harmful rays from the sun and allowing the earth’s organisms to thrive. In the medical field, ozone can also be used for disinfection. In the state of pure ozone, it can carry out effective disinfection and sterilization, but it must be cleaned up afterward to avoid pollution. Inhalation of ozone in a small amount is beneficial to the human body, but a large amount of inhalation will be harmful to the human body and will be chemically converted into VOC pollutants at a specific temperature. Ozone treatment and detection have also become one of the key tests of environmental protection.

What is an o3 sensor?

An o3 sensor is an electronic device used to monitor the concentration of ozone in the air. The built-in ozone detection module converts the ozone concentration into an electrical signal and outputs it.

What types of ozone sensors are there?

According to different places of use, our company provides four kinds of ozone sensors: home ozone monitor, portable ozone detector, duct type ozone detector, and fixed ozone detector.


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