Portable C6H6 gas detector – Handheld Benzene gas sensor


Portable C6H6 gas detector Introduction

Portable C6H6 gas detector is a kind of acoustic and optical alarm, and mainly used to detect the concentration of benzene gas in the environment of a gas detection instrument. Portable C6H6 gas detector built-in high sensitive benzene sensor probe, response speed, high accuracy, accurate measurement results, when the benzene gas concentration in the environment exceeds the alarm point, the instrument will open light alarm, high decibel bee-whine, instrument marked red, timely reminder, high safety, Widely used in gas storage leakage monitoring, food factory, greenhouse detection, workshop disinfection residue detection, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection.

Portable C6H6 gas detector

Portable C6H6 gas detector Features

1, high quality sensor, high sensitive probe

Sensitive response, quick response, accurate measurement.

2, mechanical principle, humanized design

Anti-slip design based on the principle of human mechanics, let us ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the product under the premise of strengthening human comfort, so that the product in line with human operating habits.

3, 200,000 data storage/large capacity

One click export/fast and convenient, can enter the menu to view, can browse/delete records.

4, over limit multiple alarm function

When the detected gas is more than the set gas value, the sensor opens the light alarm, high decibel beep, the instrument is marked red, timely reminder, high safety.

5, high-definition display

IPS color screen with 320* 240 resolution.

6, lithium battery power durable endurance

Rechargeable lithium battery, large battery capacity, long standby time, support mobile power supply.

Portable C6H6 gas detector Parameters

Detection gas: benzene

Charging time: ≤8H (standard)

Display error: ≤ soil 3%F.S

Explosion-proof mark: EXIA II CT6

Recovery time: ≤30S

Protection level: IP65

Response time: T90<30s

Linearity: ≤ 2

Repeatability: ≤ soil 2

Power supply: 3.6V DC, 1500mAh (standard) lithium battery

Benzene gas sensor


The instrument can easily handle various application environments, suitable for gas storage leak monitoring, food factory, greenhouse detection, workshop disinfection residue detection, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection.


What is benzene gas?

Benzene, a kind of hydrocarbon, namely the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon, is a sweet, flammable, carcinogenic, colorless transparent liquid at room temperature, and with a strong aromatic smell. It is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents, and can also be used as an organic solvent itself. Benzene is a colorless gas with a special aroma, which has been identified as a strong carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

What is a benzene gas sensor?

Benzene gas sensor products are suitable for benzene gas concentration and leakage in various environments and special environments, and play an early warning role in dangerous site operation safety. This instrument adopts imported electrochemical sensor and microcontroller technology, with stable signal, high precision, good repeatability and other advantages.

What are the effects of benzene gas?

1, benzene has the effect of reducing detonation and can be used as a gasoline additive. Before the introduction of tetraethyl lead in the 1950s, all anti-knock agents were benzene. As leaded gasoline faded, however, benzene was used again. Because benzene has adverse effects on the human body, there is also pollution of underground water quality, European and American countries limit the content of benzene in gasoline shall not exceed 1%.

2. The most important use of benzene in industry is to make chemical raw materials. Benzene can be synthesized into a series of benzene derivatives:

3. A series of compounds generated by benzene substitution reaction, addition reaction and oxidation reaction can be used as raw materials for making plastic, rubber, fiber, dye, stain remover and insecticide. About 10% of benzene is used as a base material for the manufacture of benzene intermediates.

4, benzene and ethylene to produce ethylbenzene, the latter can be used to produce plastic styrene;


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