Portable HCN gas detector – Handheld Hydrogen Cyanide gas sensor


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Portable HCN gas detector Introduction

Portable HCN gas detector is used to detect the concentration of hydrogen cyanide gas in the environment, and can be overlimit alarm of a gas detector. The instrument adopts ABS shell, waterproof splash, dust proof, explosion-proof, humanized design, can be mastered in one hand, feel comfortable, lightweight and portable.

Portable HCN gas detector built-in high quality electrochemical gas sensor probe, sensitive response, fast response, accurate measurement results. Widely used in gas storage leakage monitoring, food factory, greenhouse detection, workshop disinfection residue detection, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection.

Portable HCN gas detector

Portable HCN gas detector Features

1, high quality sensor, high sensitive probe

Sensitive response, quick response, accurate measurement.

2, mechanical principle, humanized design

Anti-slip design based on the principle of human mechanics, let us ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the product under the premise of strengthening human comfort, so that the product in line with human operating habits.

3, 200,000 data storage/large capacity

One click export/fast and convenient, can enter the menu to view, can browse/delete records.

4, over limit multiple alarm function

When the detected gas is more than the set gas value, the sensor opens the light alarm, high decibel beep, the instrument is marked red, timely reminder, high safety.

5, lithium battery power durable endurance

Rechargeable lithium battery, large battery capacity, long standby time, support mobile power supply.

Portable HCN gas detector Parameters

Detection gas: hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide measurement range: 0-50ppm

Hydrogen cyanide measurement resolution: 0.1ppm

Default alarm point: 5ppm

Measurement method: electrochemical

Charging time: ≤8H (standard)

Display error: ≤ soil 3%F.S

Explosion-proof mark: EXIA II CT6

Recovery time: ≤30S

Protection level: IP65

Response time: T90<30s

Linearity: ≤ 2

Repeatability: ≤ soil 2

Power supply: 3.6V DC, 1500mAh (standard) lithium battery

Hydrogen Cyanide gas sensor


The instrument can easily handle various application environments, suitable for gas storage leak monitoring, food factory, greenhouse detection, workshop disinfection residue detection, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection.


What is hydrogen cyanide gas?

Hydrogen cyanide is an inorganic compound, HCN, in its standard state, liquid. Hydrogen cyanide is easy to be evenly dispersed in the air, and can be burned in the air. When the content of hydrogen cyanide in the air reaches 5.6%~12.8%, it is explosive. Hydrocyanic acid is highly toxic. The clinical manifestations of acute hydrogen cyanide poisoning are obvious bitter almond taste in the exhaled breath of patients, and the mild poisoning mainly shows chest tightness, palpitation, rapid heart rate, headache, nausea, vomiting and blurred vision.

The use of hydrogen cyanide

Appearance and Properties: Colorless gas or liquid, bitter almond taste.

Main Applications: Used in the manufacture of acrylonitrile and acrylic resins and pesticides.

Dangerous characteristics: this product is flammable, its vapor and air can form an explosive mixture, in case of open fire, high heat energy caused by combustion explosion; Long-term placement due to moisture and polymerization, the polymer itself has autocatalytic effect, can cause explosion.

What is a hydrogen cyanide gas detector?

Hydrogen cyanide gas detector, using high precision, long life of imported electrochemical hydrogen cyanide sensor, accurate detection work, widely used in various chemical plants.


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