Toluene electrochemical gas detection module – C7H8 gas sensor


Electrochemical C7H8 gas sensor Introduction

The electrochemical C7H8 gas sensor is a gas sensor for measuring toluene gas concentration. Three electrode structure design is used to improve the performance, and the concentration of toluene gas is measured by electrochemical detection. The electrochemical C7H8 gas sensor has excellent selectivity, stability and built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation. The toluene sensor has a digital output for easy use. It is a universal gas module designed and manufactured by combining mature electrochemical detection technology with excellent circuit design.

Electrochemical C7H8 gas sensor

Electrochemical C7H8 gas sensor Features

1. High sensitivity and resolution

Leading technology, the product enters the gas detection environment, the response speed is fast, after leaving, return to zero speed is also very fast.

2. High-performance chips

Breakthrough process, three electrode structure design product performance significantly improved.

3. Waterproof breathable membrane

High protection, easy to clean, waterproof breathable membrane effective protection from particles and water vapor; Easy to clean and repair.

4. Small size and light weight

Small size, easy to install, can be mounted on portable, fixed, pipe and other appearance sensors used.

Electrochemical C7H8 gas sensor Parameters

Detected gas: toluene

Model No. : JEC-C7H8

Measuring range: 0-100ppm

Sensitivity: 0.03 soil 0.01uA/ppm

Resolution: 1ppm

Detection principle: electrochemistry

Temperature range: 0-50°C

Humidity range: 0~90%RH (non-condensing)

Pressure range: 1 to 0.1 (standard atmosphere)

Shell material: ABS

Weight: 5g

Toluene electrochemical gas detection module

Installation instructions:

1. Please connect the electrode foot correctly, the wrong connection position will affect the normal work of the sensor; Sensors should avoid contact with organic solvents, paints, oils and high concentration gases; Do not use adhesive directly on or near the sensor to prevent breakage of the plastic casing.

2. Target gas is recommended for calibration. If cross-sensitive gas is used for calibration, the accuracy of calibration and measurement cannot be guaranteed.

3. Cross sensitivity can fluctuate by up to 30% and may vary with the production lot of the sensor and the life of the sensor.


Toluene gas What is toluene gas?

₈ : Toluene, an organic compound with chemical formula C₇H₈, is a colorless volatile liquid with special aromatic flavor. Toluene gas is a kind of double gas, which is inflammable and explosive, but also poisonous and harmful.

What is a toluene gas detector?

Toluene gas detector is a safety instrument for detecting toluene gas concentration in strict accordance with the national standards and according to the toxicity of toluene gas.

What are the hazards of toluene gas?

Toluene can harm human health, but also cause acute and chronic poisoning. Toluene is an organic solution and a chemical raw material, which is very harmful to human body. Patients can experience dizziness, nausea and even confusion if exposed to or inhaled high levels of toluene for long periods of time. If pregnant women are exposed to toluene, it can also cause fetal abnormalities or lead to miscarriage, and if children are exposed for a long time, it can cause a series of malignant diseases.


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