Methane sensor helps monitor methane gas leaks


Natural gas is an important life energy, and the safety of natural gas pipelines is very important. Gas pipelines have the characteristics of long distance and wide distribution. It is mainly laid underground in cities, passing rivers, ravines, railways and highways along the way. The complex terrain limits the operation method of manual inspection. It brings inconvenience to the regular inspection of the pipeline. For every natural gas-powered production facility, power plant and pipeline maintenance company, and any other company in the natural gas supply chain. A safe and quick inspection for potentially dangerous gas leaks is a must. Drones with methane gas detectors are fast and mobile. will not produce any false readings. This saves time and money, while also providing security for staff. But, to take the benefits to a whole new level. Drones must be able to transmit data precisely and in real time.

Methane sensor
Methane sensor
Methane sensor´╝Ü

Drone + methane sensor is a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle that is adapted to drones. High sensitivity and fast detection response. Reduce costs and reduce operational risks. It can detect parameters such as methane gas concentration in various environments with high precision. Fast response, high reliability and low operating costs. Compared to stationary methane gas leak detectors, drones are not only a more cost-effective solution to the problem. And a more efficient method. The sensor is only sensitive to methane, so there is no possibility of false readings due to the presence of other gases. In addition, drones equipped with methane sensors can penetrate into small spaces or areas with a high risk index that are inaccessible to workers. Ensure the personal safety of staff.

The explosion-proof methane gas sensor adopts industrial-grade high-definition interface, and the shell adopts die-casting aluminum technology. It has the advantages of waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and anti-condensation. 15 seconds quick response, more accurate detection, guaranteed life.

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