Application of Ozone Sensor Equipment


Tap water is domestic and production water that meets certain standards after being disinfected and purified. It is the guarantee necessary for people’s basic daily survival. Disinfection of tap water is directly related to the safety of water, which in turn affects the health and safety of every user. There are many ways to disinfect tap water. At present, most of the water plants in my country use chlorine for disinfection. Although this method has been used for a long time and has been continuously improved, it is still inevitable that harmful substances will be left after disinfection. For this reason, people have begun to explore and find safer and more efficient disinfection methods, and ozone disinfection is one of them. One can monitor with Ozone Sensor Equipment.

Ozone Sensor Equipment
Ozone Sensor Equipment
Introduction of Portable Ozone Sensor:

Ozone is very harmful to the human body, and ozone will increase the probability of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. The Ozone Sensor Equipment alarm independently developed by Jingxun Changtong has the function of sound and light alarm, which can double prompt. Adopt USB charging mode, support mobile power, no longer have to worry about charging. Small and convenient to carry. Waterproof, fireproof and explosion-proof, ultra-long standby, to meet your needs.

Portable O3 detector. The fuselage adopts ABS shell, which is comfortable in hand, light and portable. High quality sensor, high sensitivity probe. Sensitive response, fast response speed | accurate measurement, response time ≤ 30s; accuracy ≤ 3%. 200,000 pieces of data storage/large capacity. One-key export/quick and convenient, you can enter the menu to view, and browse/delete records. Rechargeable lithium battery, support mobile power. Large battery capacity and long standby time. The anti-slip design is based on ergonomic principles to ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the product. Enhance the comfort of the human body and conform to the operating habits of the human body.

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