Choose the best gas detector

Why do you need a gas detector?

In the process of industrial production, flammable, toxic, harmful gas leakage occurs from time to time, will cause serious threats to personnel, equipment, production, life. The main causes of leakage are: 1. Material defects in production equipment or containers. 2. The sealing ring and the sealing ring are not tightly sealed. 3. The welding place of the container is subjected to electrochemical corrosion for a long time. 4. Human negligence, etc.Leaking flammable or toxic gases are quickly diluted by air, so the location of the leak is difficult to find and even more difficult to quantify. Over time, these gases can build up in certain areas or in certain blind spots. When the content of combustible gas in the air reaches a certain value, it is easy to burn or explode in the presence of open fire. If this very dangerous hidden danger can not be found in time, it will bring great loss to personal safety and property.We can use a gas detector to monitor.

Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector

This wall-mounted gas sensor is the cheapest industrial-grade gas detector. The overall appearance of waterproof ABS plastic, which can be widely used in the harsh environment with more smoke and dust. The gas detector has RS485 and analog output of two output modes, even if long time work can also ensure stable signal and accurate measurement. The bottom of the gas detector is equipped with a waterproof temperature and humidity probe, which can meet users’ requirements of detecting temperature, humidity, and gas at the same time. In addition, multiple wall-mounted gas sensors can be installed in the industrial park, and the detection information can be uploaded to a unified free cloud platform, effectively realizing precise multi-point measurement and centralized monitoring.

This is a typical explosion-proof gas detector, mostly used in the industrial site inflammable and explosive gas monitoring. The overall appearance of stainless steel material, high explosion-proof grade, through the national Metrology institute certification. The stationary gas detector detects a single gas, but can measure a wide range of gas, a variety of range to choose from, can greatly meet the needs of most users. When used, the gas concentration can be monitored continuously for a long time. Once the gas concentration exceeds the standard, it will issue a dual sound and light alarm to remind the user to take measures. In addition, the gas detector uses far infrared remote control technology, without disassembly can be modified parameters, more convenient and fast.

This portable gas detector has the same appearance as the above 4-in-1 gas detector and is also suitable for customers who measure gas concentrations in different locations. It also has sound, light, vibration three alarm functions and data storage function. The gas detector is mainly used to measure the concentration of a single gas, so it will not be interfered by other gases in the measurement process, and the data is intuitive. The gas sensors come in two types: diffused and pumped. The diffusive type relies on the airflow entering the detector to be detected by the sensor module and output signals. The suction type relies on the top pump to draw the surrounding air into the interior, which is detected by the sensor module and output signal. Therefore, the diffusive measurement speed is slower but the data is more real, while the suction measurement speed is faster but the value is affected by the suction pump. Users can choose according to their own needs.

What should be paid attention to when installing gas leak detector?

1.Select the installation locatio

We need to know the distribution of field working conditions and the location of gas generation, such as pipe joints, valves, raw material locations, airflow directions, etc. These are all things we need to consider carefully. That doesn’t mean you just need to find the place to install it. If installed in the wrong position, the gas detector will not work.

2.Installation environment conditions

Gas detector has its own suitable working conditions, mainly need to pay attention to humidity, temperature, pressure and other basic conditions. In general factory environment, it can be directly installed and fixed, but when we install in confined space, such as pipes, flue and other special environments, we must strictly control the working conditions. Most gas detectors can adapt to the following conditions: temperature: -20 ~ 50 degrees, humidity below 90% without condensation, pressure in the range of 100KP. Once the environmental conditions are not met, the accuracy of measurement and the service life of the instrument will be affected. At this time, it is necessary to consider adding gas pretreatment equipment for gas treatment,

If the dust in the gas is too much, it will also cause the gas sensitive element of the gas sensitive element adsorption blockage, the detection accuracy is reduced. Therefore, once used in a high dust environment, dust must be filtered and cleaned regularly as appropriate. Remember not to wash with water or wipe with alcohol or other solvents. Only clean the surface of the detector with a clean, soft cloth.More equipment welcome to consult the fine news unimpeded.

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