How to maintain portable gas detector

Portable gas detector can only be fully effective if we use them properly and maintain them. In this guide, we explain the points to consider when drafting a maintenance plan for portable gas detectors. And we provide you with handy tips and tricks.

portable gas detector
Regular cleaning

Cleaning is essential to keep your portable gas detector safe and fully functional. This is because ultra-sensitive sensors are susceptible to pollutants. When cleaning your portable gas detector, you must ensure that you do not use any cleaning solutions or products that could damage the device or compromise its function. These include solvents, alcohol-based and silicon-based cleaners. 

Using a slightly damp, but clean soft cloth is one of the best ways to quickly and easily clean your gas detector daily or weekly. 

For people working in an environment affected by pollutants, we can develop a regular cleaning schedule. To ensure that your portable gas detector is always ready for action.

Servicing and maintenance

Like a car, most gas detectors require regular servicing to ensure they are fully operational. The manufacturer usually sets the maintenance cycle. For example, we recommend annual maintenance for most products. Our services are tailored to each customer.

During a service, an expert technician will thoroughly check and recalibrate the sensor, checking the detector for any issues or concerns. Certification and documentation can also be provided as proof of compliance following each service. 

Professionals regularly check whether portable gas detectors need maintenance and overhaul. In addition, it is cost-effective. Because it can identify when it is necessary to order and buy parts on a regular basis.

For those who require or prefer a maintenance-free option, our best-selling Triple-C model requires no charging, servicing, sensor replacement or maintenance throughout its lifetime. 

Benzene gas sensor
portable gas detector
Porable gas detector Bump testing

Bump testing is essential for many reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that your detector is ready for use and can respond to and alert in the event of a gas leak, but it is also crucial in terms of compliance with current legislation. According to OSHA and HSE guidelines, we must conduct crash tests before every use. Each device has a different bump test protocol – our models feature quick and easy bump testing and data recording for complete peace of mind.  

Accessories and kit 

As well as checking the function of the gas detector itself, it’s crucial to periodically check on any accompanying kit, such as batteries, cables, sample probes and the display screen. Testing will identify any issues in the performance of the device. Still, it’s essential to visually check the device itself and any crucial elements to identify potential problems before they arise. 

portable gas detector Professional support

If in doubt, ask the experts. Contact us if you’re unsure of any aspect of your device’s function/maintenance requirement, unclear about what to do when cleaning/maintaining your device, or have questions regarding configuration, calibration and bump testing.

It’s always better to speak with your supplier and obtain sound information to avoid compromising its function and endangering crew members. We’re always on hand to help with our friendly and experienced team, available for remote support worldwide. 

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