Application introduction of ammonia gas sensor


With the continuous development of society, more and more cars are entering the homes of ordinary people. It brings convenience to people, and at the same time, car exhaust has also attracted people’s attention. In particular, the environmental harm caused by nitrogen oxides cannot be ignored. For the treatment of automobile exhaust gas, an ammonia selective redox system is generally used. The system uses ammonia as reducing agent and oxygen as oxidizing agent. It reacts with nitrogen oxides to generate nitrogen and water, thereby reducing the pollution of automobile exhaust to the environment.

In this system, the amount of ammonia and oxygen added should be appropriate. Otherwise, it will cause additional pollution, so it is necessary to apply an ammonia gas sensor. In addition, the car cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system. Do not turn on the air conditioner when the ammonia level in the air around the car is too high. So the use of air conditioning should be combined with the concentration measured by the ammonia sensor.

gas sensor
gas sensor
Ammonia sensor function:

Ammonia is one of the harmful gases in farms. It is often adsorbed or dissolved on the mucous membranes, damp walls and floors of livestock and poultry. It is strongly irritating and corrosive to skin tissue. Destroy the structure of cell membranes. If grown in a high-concentration ammonia environment, the animal’s body will be directly and strongly stimulated. Causes skin tissue burns, tissue dissolution and necrosis. It can even cause paralysis of the central nervous system, resulting in toxic liver disease, myocardial damage and other diseases. High concentrations of ammonia can also harm workers.

Portable ammonia concentration detector is fine – open independent research and development of a portable gas monitoring equipment, has the characteristics of small portable, waterproof fire blast, has a very long standby time, you can use the USB charging anytime and anywhere, using IPS color screen interface, convenient for data observation, acousto-optic dual alarm functions, and provide security for personnel safety.

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