In which industries can ammonia gas sensors be used?


In May 1968, Naoyoshi Taguchi, the founder of Figaro, was the first to invent the semiconductor gas sensor. Since then, it was not until the 1980s that my country began to develop gas sensors. Although it started late, it has achieved good results. With the development of my country’s electronic component technology and the rapid growth of domestic excellent enterprises. Gas sensors are widely used in various industries. So which industries are ammonia gas sensors used in?

gas sensor
gas sensor
The role of Ammonia sensors:

In the chemical industry, ammonia gas can be used as a raw material for fertilizer production and as a refrigerant in refrigeration systems. Due to outdated equipment and lack of scientific management, it is inevitable that there will be leakage of ammonia gas. According to incomplete statistics, the annual leakage of ammonia gas is as high as 2.1~8.1Tg. The leakage of ammonia gas will cause great pollution to the environment. Threats to the safety of operators. Therefore, ammonia gas sensors must be used to detect the amount of ammonia gas in the working environment in time. and control it within a certain range

With the update of network and technology, smart public toilets have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision. As we all know, the two main gases that cause toilet odors are ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. The concentration of these two gases directly determines the feeling of toilet odor. At this time, the intervention of the ammonia gas sensor can monitor the concentration of ammonia gas in the toilet in real time. Thus, the toilet can be cleaned in a timely and effective manner. So as to bring people a comfortable feeling.

Portable ammonia concentration detector is fine – open independent research and development of a portable gas monitoring equipment, has the characteristics of small portable, waterproof fire blast, has a very long standby time, you can use the USB charging anytime and anywhere, using IPS color screen interface, convenient for data observation, acousto-optic dual alarm functions, and provide security for personnel safety.

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